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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Lucy Rojo, an integrative natural medicine practitioner in Stanton & Palm Desert, California. Here the best of natural and conventional practices come together to offer you an optimal wellness plan and health options.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?
Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care - an art, science, philosophy and medical practice of diagnosis, treatment. More importantly, we strive to prevent illness and optimize wellness. Surgery and pharmaceuticals are generally not the first choice of therapies unless the situation dictates an appropriate referral. Together patient and doctor generate a plan with measurable objectives and realistic outcomes. The devised plan often includes: testing to gather further information, herbal support, nutritional & dietary guidance, intravenous therapies, homeopathy, and bio-identical hormone balancing. These approaches are used to attain optimal wellness or disease management objective(s).

Dr. Lucy Rojo will approach your health condition uniquely and individually. Dr. Rojo believes that illness does not arise randomly in the body. Every chronic illness or disease stems from more fundamental underlying causes. When these underlying sources are addressed and treated, the body is better equipped to help heal itself from within. However, when more in depth action is required, naturopathic methods can blend cohesively with conventional therapies to manage health.

Symptoms are the body's natural attempts to deal with underlying problems, and often serve to guide the practitioner and patient to the true cause of illness. The holistic, wellness approach empowers patients to have a better understanding of themselves and allows them to be active participants in their journey towards health and wellness.

Modern medicine calls for doctors who:

  • Know their science, yet honor the body's innate wisdom to heal
  • Treat the whole person, looking beyond symptoms to the underlying cause of the illness
  • Focus on disease prevention and optimal wellness
  • Function as teachers, as well as healers and
  • Strive to offer the gentlest interventions, while promoting optimum health

Naturopathic Doctors follow these core Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

The Healing Power of Nature: We recognize an inherent self-healing process in an individual. Naturopathic doctors work to facilitate and maximize a patient’s inherent healing ability.

Identify and Treat the Cause: We strive to identify and remove any obstacles to healing and remove any causes of harm.
First Do No Harm: We begin with the least invasive and least harmful of treatments to gently stimulate healing. Much can be accomplished by recognizing the causes of disease, removing the obstacles to optimal wellness and working towards prevention rather than reactionary techniques that often carry significant side effects.

Doctor as Teacher: Dr. Rojo spends quality time with patients, allowing them to understand their bodies, the disease and the healing process. She also encourages and teaches patients how to become responsible for their own health.

Treat the Whole Person: Instead of dissecting apart one's illness by symptoms, Dr. Rojo works to put the whole picture together and find a treatment plan for the whole person, not just symptom suppression.

Prevention: Dr. Rojo assesses risk factors, susceptibility of disease, and makes appropriate suggestions regarding lifestyle changes and supplementation that can promote health and prevent disease. She uses hormone testing and genetic analysis  to address current as well as future challenges. Prevention with customizable treatments are one of the cornerstones of naturopathic medicine.

Naturopathic Training
A licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) attends an accredited four-year naturopathic medical school. Naturopathic doctors are educated in the same basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology, etc.) as MD's/DO's, but they also study almost 4 times as much nutrition, as well as holistic and non-toxic therapies (homeopathy, intravenous therapy, homeopathy, Chinese medicine, etc.). Dr. Rojo has graduated from such a training institution and recognizes the need to address  illnesses with natural approaches and when appropriate, to refer to other medical professionals. Dr. Rojo can help you reach your health goals with natural approaches that have fewer side effects or as part a team that consists of your primary care doctor.

The philosophy and approach in Dr. Rojo's practice is to work with you to meet your healthcare goals. Whether those are to overcome a health challenge, loose or gain weight, feel more energetic, obtain support for cancer treatments or simply to find a doctor who will listen and work with you, not merely on you. Much can be accomplished by recognizing the causes of disease, removing the obstacles to optimal wellness and working towards prevention rather than in a reactionary or symptom-suppressive manner.

Dr. Lucy Rojo will guide you through the healthcare maze so that you learn about yourself and your health challenge(s) while working on a  goal-oriented, objective plan that returns you to optimal wellness. Your health is an investment; it is  at the foundation of your ability to achieve all of your life goals. With this irreplaceable  investment in mind, Dr. Rojo looks forward to helping you attain your healthcare goals for a fuller, more energetic life.

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